Lustrum I

Ballistic was founded on the 31st of January and therefore has its first lustrum in 2021. The lustrum activities were divided over multiple weeks to make sure everyone who wants to join can join! Below, you can see an impression of the activities that were held that year!

Poster Lustrum I

The Lustrum Committee

This was our Lustrum Committee. They organized all the activities!

The Activities


The 12th of January we had our very first lustrum acitivity! We had a super fun evening with interesting dilemmas to get to know each other.

Speed dating Lustrum

Beer tasting

The 14th of January we already had the second lustrum activity. During this activity we had three different beerst which were rated, but also information regarding the different beers was told! Cheers!

Beer tasting Lustrum

But there's more...

A game night and padel!

The Lustrum Merchandise

And of course, there was some lovely Lustrum merchandise!

Lustrum Merch
Lustrum Merch 2