Our History

Steven Verboom and Tobias Elzerman went to GNSK (Great Dutch Students Championship) 2017 and many people asked which squash association they were presenting, but actually Wageningen had no squash association, so the idea was born. Earlier, Luc Roefs went to the Thymos headquarters and asked them why there was no squash association and they said to him: Well, if you want one, you can start one. Steven and Tobias came in contact with each Luc and they made some plans. Britt van der Leeden joined them and the first board of the Ballistic was formed:

Steven Verboom as chairman

Tobias Elzerman as secretary

Luc Roefs as treasurer

Britt van der Leeden as general boardmember

After some brainstorm sessions the name of the association was born: ‘Ballistic’. We think this is a name which suits the association because ballistics is the science of mechanics that deals with the launching, flight, behavior, and effects of projectiles. Think of the squash racket as the mechanic that deals with launching the ball against the wall while you play squash. Also, squash is a sport where you can go ballistic.

The aim of our association is to centralize the squashers of Wageningen, offer them trainings and tournaments and set up an association where people can meet eachother, play squash, get a drink afterwards and take part in other fun activities.