Welcome to Ballistic Squash Wageningen!

Hey (potential) new member! We are the squash association for students in Wageningen. On this page you can find what we have to offer. Have a look around and hopefully we will see you on the court soon! 

What do we offer?

Training at SCB De Bongerd


As a member, you can join our great trainings every Wednesday!


We have internal and external tournaments which you can join!


We organise fun activities regularly!

Enthusiastic people

There is always people open for a chat or a mid-week squash game!


Every Wednesday from 18:15 till 22:00 our trainer gives us a great training! After some warming up, we do different exercises and often end the trainings with matches against each other. We have people of all levels, so everyone can play on their own level and get better. Squash balls and rackets are available at the trainings.

After every training, we get a weekly drink with each other in the Sports Pub at the Bongerd!


We organise several squash tournaments every year. These are available for all levels! Beginner to expert. We also have tournaments in and against other cities (for example; the Battle of the Cities).

And of course we participate in the GNSK, Dutch abbreviation for Great Dutch Student Championships, with a team.


Throughout the year, the Activity Committee organises fun activities for all our members! At the end of the summer season we have a barbecue. We also have board game nights or for example a squasherklaas tournament. Check the ‘activities’ tab for pictures of our previous activities!

Enthusiastic people

You will meet an new group of people who are always in for a match.

After all, we are a relatively new association and still growing, which means a lot of activities can be added during the year. Joining thus means that you can always share your creative ideas and realize them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any previous squash experience?

Nope! Ballistic is accessible for players of all levels.

Do I need any squash gear?

At our trainings, you can use our rackets and balls. You only need indoor sporting shoes and some sports clothes!

What is the cost of a membership at Ballistic?

A full year costs €20, a single semester is only €10!

Want to try it out? Join an introduction training!

If you're not quite sure yet, you can come try out a training for free! If you have sports rights from SCB De Bongerd we can organise an introduction training at any time!

Have you decided? Join us!

If you have any questions, reach out to us! You can use the contact form or send us an email at ballistic.squash@wur.nl